The Zone

So here I go again!! After the holidays this summer, I have avoided looking at most pictures of myself because I can’t bear to see the chins, stomachs etc. Before my trip to Turkey a couple of weeks ago, I joined a gym and swimming pool – the thinking being that when I got back I…Read more »


Wind howling and rain pelting, we took off in the car and headed for the hills.  Up past Thurles and along the road to Upperchurch, in the most romantic setting (even in the rain and wind) sits a pub dressed as a farmhouse.  Jim of the Mills is a place that I’ve been to many…Read more »

Liebster Award Nomination

I’m delighted to accept the Liebster Award Nomination from through my blog on “Orator-sur-Glane”.  Many thanks to digitalbook12 for the nomination which I know will encourage me to keep up my writing and to keep reading many more blogs…… writes about mental health, the power of music on one’s emotions and has a…Read more »