Dating….the word alone makes me shudder.   During the summer this year, myself and a close friend made a decision that we would date – not each other – but to try and go on dates to see if we could meet anyone nice. So we set up accounts on Tinder, POF, Bumble and various other sites. Apparently online dating is the only way to go nowadays.

Every time my phone dinged I was delighted – another like, message or request to meet up. In my innocence I was completely taken up with this new world. I loved the compliments and attention. And then the day came that I would go on a date, something I hadn’t done in a long time. I got all dressed up for my daytime coffee date, was a bag of nerves but off I went. Parked my car, made myself get out to buy a parking ticket. Put ticket on the dash and forced myself to go to the coffee shop. I was first to arrive so picked my spot and waited. He arrived a short time later, attractive and smiling. Offered to buy me another coffee and the chatting started. An hour and a half later I had to leave. I must say I thought that the date went very well and was quite pleased with myself. We agreed to meet again, but that first date was the last as I didn’t hear from him again.


Disappointed but not to be turned off the dating scene just yet, I made a date with another guy. A little bit more confident this time, I once again arrived first for the daytime coffee date and picked my spot.   This time there was no smiling face, no offer to buy a coffee (not that it mattered about the coffee) but I immediately had a sinking feeling in my stomach. A little bit of chit chat and the coffee arrives…then he tells me that “you never mentioned on your profile that you were on the chubby side”. I wanted to die right there and then. I put down my coffee, put on my jacket and picked up my bag. I’m embarrassed to say the anger got the better of me, because my reply was “you never mentioned on your profile that you’re an asshole”, and with that I left.


I got to my car and smoked a cigarette and then I laughed! Yes, I laughed. It was that or cry, and I decided no one was going to have that power over me. So I laughed, drove round to my friend and told her what had happened. And we both laughed and laughed….Unfortunately, my dating career came to a sudden end when I badly broke my leg a couple of weeks later. I’m still recovering and haven’t been on a date since – and I’m not upset about that! Dates like that I can do without.


This does make me wonder though, when you are confined to a small geographic area and unless you are willing to up and move sticks – how do you meet someone? This is far from New York City and even though Carrie Bradshaw and co. had their choice from millions of men, I fear that choice and availability are very much limited. So here I am 37, still single and wondering where and when a real life Mr. Big will show up…


16 thoughts on “Dating

  1. Brilliant read. Well done you with date 2. I’d have clambed up n only though of witty touche things to say later. I’m be mulling over it n obsessing.
    If you’ve the amazing attitude you have you will meet Mr right, just as they say…. maybe when your not expecting it.

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  2. Im glad you got up and walked out men like that need to be taught a lesson in manners and being courteous!! Too many of them out there with opinions above their station! Great read pal!

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      1. You should be pleased. I hardly ever make a good comeback. Something restrains me from inside and later I’ll be like.. “Damn! Should have said that when I had the chance” 😕😄


  3. Fair play to you Michelle, I would have poured the coffee on that @#$/^& entertaining read, I enjoyed it👍 we all had funny dates like that; they make for fun stories x


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