A broken wardrobe featuring John and Yoko…

During my pregnancy I visited my friend, who lived across the city, every week. She house-shared with about 4 other people and I can honestly say I looked forward to visiting every week, because there was always something going on in that house. What good times we had, but there was one night in particular that we still talk about.

I was feeling very fed up, I felt like a whale and needed cheering up so I packed an overnight bag and took the bus over to her house. Between the jigs and reels someone suggested that I could probably fit in the wardrobe standing up – just so you know I’m 5ft 2”-ish….everyone is taller than me and it seemed fairly reasonable that I would fit in the wardrobe.

So without further adieu we decided to test the theory and went upstairs to the wardrobe in question. Inside the wardrobe was the rail and behind that there were a couple of shelves. They took the clothes off the rail and in I went. Sure enough, my head didn’t even reach that stupid rail….I fit in the wardrobe! They were all very excited to be proven right! I know I wasn’t too impressed, but while the discussion was ongoing I decided to sit down on one of the shelves. I was tired after all the measuring and experimenting so I sat there and pondered the disadvantages of being the shortest member of the group.

And then without any warning the shelf went from under me with a very loud bang, and when the shelf went I went with it!! Now I was sprawled on my backside inside a wardrobe and there was silence – for about 5 seconds…Then there were feet running up the stairs to see what the commotion was and like all moments such as these, the laughing started.

I think we laughed solidly for about 5 minutes before they hauled me out of that flipping wardrobe to see what the damage was – broken shelf, unbroken Shell!! Queue John Lennon and Yoko Ono…while the boys were fixing the shelf the girls jumped into bed and we started talking about songs we loved, couples that inspired people – the usual girl chat. That was when the singer of the group broke into song suddenly with her own rendition of ‘Kumbaya’ and sure what else could we do only join in – and there in our little group we had our very own John Lennon and Yoko Ono!!! I think we gave the Bangles a run for their money that night too, finishing off with a bit of Celine….and no, I never got in a wardrobe again after that! 😀


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