Lets talk

Does anyone talk to each other anymore? While having a quick coffee in a restaurant last weekend I had a look around. I love people watching, wondering what their story is. There were about 8 people sitting down – one family with children and the rest adults and a couple of teenagers.
With the exception of the staff everyone else was on their phone/tablet – children included. Nobody was talking bar the quiet murmur coming from behind the counter…it was so quiet. Anyone who knows me knows that I have often gotten annoyed by loud/screaming children in a restaurant but this was the other extreme. It was surreal! Is this what our society has come to, everyone glued to a screen without paying the slightest bit of attention to the people sitting across from us….
As the minutes ticked on a few more people came in. Older couples and one man in particular with a newspaper tucked under his arm. The good old fashioned newspaper! He sat down, spread it out on the table and began reading. No sign of a phone!!
As more and more people came in I felt relief, they were actually talking to each other. Conversation is not lost to the screen era just yet.
We are all guilty of glancing at our phones midst conversation with somebody, or taking a call or even scrolling through our apps for fear we are missing something. What we are missing is real time interactions that can’t be replaced by screen time. Maybe it’s time to make a conscious decision to leave the screens down and participate in real time conversations!


2 thoughts on “Lets talk

  1. Phones at the table are my pet peeve. If you’re out for a meal or coffee with someone, I think it’s so disrespectful to have the phone even on the table. I hate it! What’s the point of even going out if the whole time is spent looking at a screen? Might as well stay home on the couch! For all the good that technology has done, I think screens have absolutely destroyed normal human interaction in so many ways!

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    1. I agree 100% – and what’s worse is children are learning this behaviour! Why we can’t function without devices is beyond me……I’m thinking of doing a little experiment myself to see how long I can go without my phone….will let you know how I get on!!! Thanks so much for reading x


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