Happy Bridget Jones

I met a girl the other day while I was doing my shopping. I knew her years ago. We were seeing guys who happened to be brothers. I really liked her when we met up at various functions or occasions, she was younger than me, but we always had a laugh and I felt I had someone to talk to during these ‘family functions’.


Anyway, as it happened we both broke up with the brothers and moved on with our lives. I haven’t seen her for years and all of a sudden there she was behind me in the queue at the check-out. We began chatting: she met someone else – so did I (kinda), she got married to the someone else – I broke up with the someone else, she moved to another area – I’m still here, she got married – I didn’t, she’s due her baby soon – been there, done that – good luck!!! Ever feel like Bridget Jones?  She was very happy, and so excited to be having her baby that I couldn’t feel anything but happy for her too.


I did think afterwards though, that if life had went in a different direction we could have been sisters-in-law….I think I shuddered at what that would have really meant! Isn’t it really strange that sometimes in life, a different path grabs you by the hand and drags you along it’s trail – not the one I ever imagined I would be on but I certainly wouldn’t change it for the world. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and even if it is not clear at that moment in time, it will become clear eventually.


We all wonder at times how we got where we are, whether it’s good or bad. I believe we should always embrace it, learn from it and if not happy with it then, move the hell on!!


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