Negative v Positive

Since when is it ok to be negative all the time? Everyone goes through periods of being down, lonely, sick or even just ticked off but what happens when someone forgets to switch back? I’m not talking about depression here, that’s a completely different and altogether more serious illness that I am in no position to talk about. What I am talking about is when negativity takes over someone’s life, and alters their personality to such an extent that everything they say or talk about takes on a negative undertone.


We all ask each other on a daily basis “how are you”, mostly as a form of greeting – “Hi, how are you?” Most of us say “Good, thanks” etc. Have you ever asked/greeted someone with those words and ten minutes later you’re still getting a tirade of complaints…My advice (from experience) is never greet someone like this with “how are you”, I’ve come to realise a quick “Hello” or “Nice day” is just as polite and means you can move on.


I can have negative moments myself, it’s impossible to be 100% happy all the time but I think it is important to pull myself back and think about something good or positive and to get real with things. I think about all the things I am lucky to have, the people I am surrounded by and mostly the day to day goodness that I encounter. The negative person will see something wrong in every situation, will never be happy with what they have, will rarely have anything good to say about anyone else and will leave you feeling completely emotionally drained and at a loss. They seem to suck the goodness from your soul – a lot like the Death Eaters from Harry Potter – and that does nobody any good.


A good friend of mine told me years ago that she can’t abide negative people and so she phased out anyone in her life that was gone 100% negative – I was quite taken aback by this at the time but now I totally agree with her. You see, if negative people could just be negative on their own that would be fine – but they’re not. They get no pleasure by being negative on their own, nobody ever got any satisfaction from complaining to themselves! They spread the negativity with a negative delight, and if we are exposed to it for long enough it filters into our own lives and even our answers to greetings. I suppose if you are around something as powerful as negativity a lot it is bound to rub off eventually.


This was beginning to happen to me, even though I don’t like to admit it. I heard myself saying things and answering questions in that ‘negative’ manner and tone that I have come to detest. I had to make a conscious decision to talk and answer questions in a positive manner. I’m not saying that this is possible all of the time, we all get grouchy and cranky sometimes, but I want to be someone who generally projects a happy and positive persona.


We all want to be around the people who project happiness and positivity as they have charisma and an aura that attracts others to them. I know I’d much rather be the positive person than the negative person. So my challenge to anyone reading this is: try to project a positive persona, a happy one – don’t let someone else’s negativity take a hold over your positivity!!




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