Time on our hands..

Today, while driving home from work I heard a radio report on Netflix statistics. One of them was that one person had watched the ‘Bee’ movie over three hundred times this year. The reporter commented that ‘obviously the viewer was a child’ and I tended to agree with him because realistically who has that amount of time on their hands to watch a movie over three hundred times in less than a year…


It made me wonder how do people fill their time in the evenings after work, their weekends or their holidays…then I wondered what the heck do people do with their time when they retire? It was reported last week that civil servants now have the option to work until they are seventy years of age and when I initially heard that I was appalled – could someone in their thirties really envisage working until they are seventy – I couldn’t and still can’t!


So what do people with time on their hands do? Do they go on cruises, play golf, go to sunny destinations or just hang around their homestead wishing they were back at work? I know someone who retired a few years ago and to say they have embraced their retirement would be an understatement. They had many interests outside of the workplace and have been making the most of enjoying and pursuing these interests with gusto.


When I was off work with my broken leg I enjoyed a daily routine of watching various day time TV programs that I otherwise wouldn’t have seen, having cups of coffee and catching up on reading.   To be honest this got very monotonous and even though I initially enjoyed the time off, it wore off very quickly and I couldn’t wait to get back to my job and my colleagues. I couldn’t imagine being off work for a prolonged period of time, thus I understood how people welcomed the choice of being able to work up to the age of seventy.


Some of my friends work so hard and are so busy with their families I question whether there are enough hours in the day for them. It will be a complete shock to their systems when they eventually do retire because I don’t think they will know how to relax and not be on a deadline all the time. Will they have prepared themselves with hobbies or interests to enjoy when the time comes?  Will they be happy spending time with themselves?  I can safely say that I know how to relax, during the day I am busy and some evenings I do a few runs to training with my son but I can generally unwind and enjoy time to myself. I think I am one of the lucky ones.


So whatever we do when we have time on our hands we should make good use of it – for ourselves. Whether it is going on cruises, playing golf, gardening – we should be all preparing for the day when we have time on our hands and have to spend that time with ourselves!!!


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