Dancing on my own

I heard someone say the other day that they weren’t a ‘romantic’. That got me thinking about myself – am I a romantic? Initially, I’d say no – I don’t really believe in love at first sight or the ‘spark’ – maybe I would believe in it if it ever happened to me! Love letters are a thing of the past, the last time I got a bunch of flowers from a guy was when I had broken up with him – gee thanks, ruin that ‘romantic’ gesture. And at this stage, I’m sure you’ve read about my ‘romantic’ Valentines Dinner…so I wouldn’t say I’m  a ‘romantic’.

But just because I’m not a ‘romantic’ doesn’t mean I’ve lost all hope for romance. What does romance mean in today’s world? Does a ‘good morning’ text pass for romance, how about a lift home from the pub, or even a simple compliment? Has Rett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara’s love story become a fairytale that we all secretly long for – a romance that sweeps us away but is so far fetched in the modern world that it is really and truly gone with the wind!!

I haven’t lost hope for romance, the idea that I might meet somebody who would take me out occasionally, or whisk me away on a city break to Edinburgh…or anywhere….I’m quite easily pleased so even a drive into town for a burger would pass as romance in my book at this stage 😀

Many songs are written about finding great love, losing great love and then there are all the lovely songs that can be heard at weddings – Eva Cassidy’s Songbird comes to mind, probably the most popular.  I think it’s everyone’s dream to meet the right somebody, to dance with somebody to a song that encapsulates the great love they have been found. That special song that they make their own, that has meaning to them – romance like this is something I haven’t given up on just yet. By the way my favourite song at the moment is a cover by Hope – Dancing On My Own – ha, yes it’s a losing-love song!

Is romance a real thing or just something the movies made up – something that real life doesn’t allow for? If romance is real, does it have a shelf life? Or if you’re with the right person, does romance last? I don’t think I’m a romantic so does that mean I’ll never have romance? I hope not, because I think we all deserve a little romance in our lives. So just in case romance eludes me, I bought myself a bottle of my favourite perfume for Christmas, got the girl to wrap it and put a bow on it 😉


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