Panic Buying!

So it’s exactly one week until Christmas and despite promising not to deviate from my list – I did just that today!  I had been shopping last week and got most of the list sorted out, but there were still a couple of things outstanding.  It was irritating me all week, but I just didn’t have the inclination to go after work in the evenings and queue for parking or queue at tills.  Even yesterday, which would have been the perfect day to head off, no – I stayed home and almost hid out – the CSF (Christmas Shopping Fear) got the better of me.

I decided this morning when I got up that I would have to face it and head off….I had four things on my list to get – I got one!  One tick off my list and then I went ‘off-script’ and began picking up things that did not feature anywhere on my list, and suddenly I had three more bags with only one tick on my list.  That means that I will have to go again!!

The problem is when I go shopping I start seeing really lovely things – but I want them all for myself!  This totally distracts me and I end up walking around not seeing what is on my list – but stuff that I really want!  I heard on the radio one day that everyone should buy themselves a Christmas present – something that they really want but would never get from someone else.  I think there’s a lot of merit to this idea, so I bought a couple of things for myself, from myself…and that is probably why I still haven’t finished my list 7 days before Christmas 😉

I’m not really a big fan of shopping (as you may have guessed), but every other year I’ve seemed to have finished my list with a couple of weeks to spare – this year I can feel the panic building up in me!  I have resolved that tomorrow after work I will have to go and finish my list – otherwise it could be panic buying for the rest of the week! Wish me luck…


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