The fear of Monday morning…

Yes, the fear of Monday is looming….I know I should go to bed and be fresh for the morning, but if I go to bed I’ll go to sleep and before I know it, I’ll have to get up! And thus another week starts, the weeks are flying by and as we know time waits for no man.  If only we could slow time down a little, just at certain times…maybe when our children are small and are doing cute things, or when we are enjoying a holiday…or even just on a Sunday night – when the fear of Monday morning is looming..

I really don’t like Monday mornings, it means the weekend has gone by far too quickly – in the blink of an eye Friday evening has fast forwarded to Monday morning…It means the start of another week, preparing meals, driving around like a lunatic to drop kid to school, get to appointments, pick kid up from school and bring him to training and start preparing for the one day wonder that is ‘Christmas Day’….

I’m delaying going to bed, I’ll watch one more episode of The Crown, just one more – maybe read another page of my book….anything to put off the inevitability of Monday morning….And when Monday is over, everything is fine because that is when the countdown to Friday begins again.  The cycle continues, hoping for the weekend to last just a little bit longer, and for the week to fly by so we can reach the weekend once again.

We spend our lives wishing for time to slow down, and then to speed up again…imagine if we could rewind, pause or fast forward time to where we wanted to be.  I think weekdays would become a blur and weekends would be set to slow motion constantly.  Wouldn’t the ‘time-turner’ that Hermione Granger used be a wonderful asset to all our lives – for the ‘just in case’ times!

Goodnight all, hope the Monday morning fear isn’t too bad for you!


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