The Online Thing..

I was at my friend’s house this evening and we were once again talking about dating and dating sites. I seem to only check my online profiles when I’m with her so we ended up taking out our phones and checking what was going on this Sunday evening on the sites. After about ten minutes of scrolling through likes and monosyllabic messages – the obligatory ‘hi’ – I admitted defeat and confessed that there was no one that ‘caught my eye’ or that I was the slightest bit interested in.

From there came the thought – am I too picky? My friend thinks I am – maybe she’s right! Then the joking started – I commented that nobody looks like their profile picture – she said that was coming from the one with filters galore on her pictures, to which I replied “I don’t use filters – just enhancers”! So we are all guilty of putting our best picture forward, but isn’t that point. We want to be noticed, liked and complimented, so why not add a little enhancer to a picture…

Then, as I mentioned already, the monosyllabic messages – which apparently are tame compared to the picture messages that are becoming increasingly popular in the online dating world. I’m not going to go into graphic detail about these pictures, suffice to say they are an eye opener as to what is on offer!! No thanks! I know it’s hard to start a conversation at the best of times with a stranger but could we do a bit better than just ‘hi’…. I try to start a conversation by mentioning something that I have read in their profile, it only takes a minute and shows that I’ve gone to the trouble to read something they have taken the time to include about themselves – I’m totally naïve it seems, because most of the people using these sites have one thing on their mind and it doesn’t include a meaningful conversation.

Then there are the guys that seem lovely and have interesting things to say about themselves – where are they located? The top of the bloody country!!! Lads, if you’re living in Donegal or near the Giant’s Causeway this isn’t going to work…You may as well be in another country, in fact it would be quicker to catch a flight to Spain/France etc.

And the horror of all horror of online dating, for me, is when someone I know pops up on the list – do I scroll past, will they know I just scrolled past, if I accidentally open a message from them and don’t reply – they know I’ve read it and have ignored it….it’s a total nightmare! It’s enough to make me want to quit and go back to reading my battered copy of Twilight and have an imaginary relationship with Edward/Jacob – either will do me at this stage!

To anyone who has had success with the online thing, I applaud you…and I’m envious that you may have found the only decent person out there!!


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