Thank you

This week someone very special in our lives passed away. She was a second mother to many and a wonderful friend to others and our lives will never be the same without her. No one will miss her more, though, than her family. She was a wonderful woman, who worked hard all of her life. A great believer in looking after her family, putting up a ‘great table’ not just on special occasions but seven days a week. Everyone was welcomed with open arms to her home, hospitality and warmth were her specialities – qualities all members of her family share.

For the week we shared stories about this woman. We all had different memories of her, but there was a common thread shining through – her sense of humour, whether she intended to be funny at times or not there were certainly some hilarious tales to be told. She was always very good to me and welcomed visits, however infrequent, to hear of any news that I may have had. They were always enjoyable times, sitting in her kitchen with tea and biscuits, having a cigarette and chatting.  And this week we spoke about all the things we could remember, there was an air of disbelief that she was gone. However, this incredible woman did one more thing for me this week – as unbelievable as that sounds.

Over a year ago I had a little tiff with someone who was also close to her. We hadn’t spoken to each other since, it’s not that we have seen each other much but on the couple of occasions that our paths crossed we just avoided each other. I was thinking about this person before I met her, I knew I would meet her at the funeral but was a little anxious about how I would handle it. I decided that the minute I saw her I would go straight over to her and talk to her. And that is exactly what happened. It was very easy! And there, in about thirty seconds we were talking and friends again.

She had been worrying about what would happen and had decided the same thing as me – she would come and talk to me too. We both said sorry and how silly we had been and that was it, our little tiff was sorted – quite easily and all because of one woman that we had in common. She was still fixing and sorting things, even though she had left us. I couldn’t thank her but I think she would be pleased that at least one good thing happened in the midst of the great sadness of her passing.

So to a woman I greatly admired and respected, loved and held dear – thank you for being in my life, for being so good to me and for bringing a friendship back to me. Love always xx


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