I have been lucky enough to have a friend from when I was eleven and she was ten. We met through our mothers and instantly clicked. We became best friends and have created so many memories together that it would turn into a book if I were to write them all down. There are few things that have remained a constant in my life and she is one of them.

We worked together during our summer holidays, spent hours on the phone at weekends, went on holidays together and even though we travelled different paths at third level we were never far apart. She was with me throughout my pregnancy, and after my son was born. I spent many weekends with her and her now husband when they lived in another county. Then to my delight, they moved back and got married – I was one of her bridesmaids. I was there throughout her pregnancy, and after her son was born. She was with me during the dark days after my father died, and she was with me when the days started to brighten a little.

We have spent many nights in deep conversation at her kitchen table, endless cups of tea and coffee, many glasses of wine and other concoctions! We have laughed a lot, cried a lot and most of all we have had each other to lean on during the good times and not so good times. We have sang together (some might say badly), have been at every family occasion for each other, we have camped with our children together and we have seen each other many times without a scrap of make-up or even our hair brushed 😉

What is so special about this friendship is that not only have I got one best friend in her, but a whole family – because her mother is like a second mother to me, her wonderful granny (R.I.P.) was like a granny to me, her husband is one of the kindest people I know, I adore her son just as much as she adores mine and her brother has his moments too.  We have gotten to know each other’s friends and we have many great memories of us all coming together for meet ups and catch ups!  Whenever we have been apart for more than a couple of weeks I really miss her, but when we do get together again it’s like I was only talking to her the day before.

Isn’t it a wonderful thing to be able to say that I have a whole other family because of this one girl that I got to be friends with when I was a little girl. I know that we will always have each other no matter what happens, and that is something to cherish always. So to whoever is reading this, if you happen to have a friend like this – keep them close, because a time will come when you may need your friend-family just as much as your own family and they will be there for you – for the good times and not so good – no questions asked!


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