The Bucket List

I never used to have a bucket list – but when you approach a certain age, or you have seen far too many people off to the ‘other side’ – it begins to make more and more sense to make one and not only that, but to try to make it a list that will be realistic and have things on it that will be attainable.

I think we all start our bucket lists from a young age although some are more far-fetched than others. Like wanting to be a princess when you grow up or be your favourite hero/heroin – mine was Nancy Drew! As we grow up our bucket lists become our life goals – go to college, good job, house, get married, have children and give them a good life…what happens then – does the bucket list end? No, the list ceases to be life goals, it becomes a true bucket list – age and time contributes to the title change.

So what do we put on our bucket list, when we have achieved as many of our life goals as possible? Do we list off all the places we would love to visit, do we list off all the extreme sports that we would love to try, do we list off all the famous people we would love to meet? Would you still go to visit all the places on your bucket list if you were alone? How would the list change if you hadn’t met the right person with whom you could share these experiences?

Maybe the ideal bucket list should start with listing all the qualities that we personally possess, and then all the qualities we think we should possess to be the best person we can be. Then maybe, just maybe, the list of ‘must do’ things that would typically be on a bucket list might change – according to the type of person we aspire to be. I tried to start my bucket list exactly like this, by listing some of the qualities I possess. It’s a very hard thing to do, isn’t it! Listing off a few good things about yourself is much more difficult than listing off some negative things – have we become so programed to think about the negative aspects of ourselves? When did that happen?

Anyway, I picked a couple of things that I thought were a good reflection of myself – independent (I heard a brilliant expression the other day – ‘needy women’ – I don’t think I’m one of those), good craic and willing to try new things (excluding skiing, my ankles would never forgive me for that one). I do like flying, I love the outdoors and am well able to pitch a tent (my good friend will vouch for this) – I would much rather be camping and enjoying the freedom that camping offers than cooped up in a stuffy hotel (my friends think I’m mad, they won’t slum it in a tent anymore – isn’t that right, Kim!) And having put those qualities together I realized my bucket list wouldn’t be too far-fetched!

Number two on my bucket list is to go and see the northern lights, possibly in Alaska. Number three on my bucket list is to go to Yellowstone. And yes, camping is a must in both of these places! If I can tick those two off the list, I will add another two on and see how it goes. I have no desire to meet anyone famous but I think meeting new people along the way in life is good for us. I don’t think I’ll participate in any extreme kind of sports, I’m not really the sporty type – I did try zip-lining before though, and that is something I would love to do again. So my bucket list became quite a simple task in the end.  It is one that would involve ‘quiet time’ (a personal favourite phrase that I love to use now and again) and doing something that I love – being outdoors and enjoying the peace and calm.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking can she not count – number one on the bucket list? What is it? Number one on my bucket list will only be revealed when I can tick it off!! 🙂  Good luck to everyone who may be putting together their own bucket list!


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