Happy New Year everyone! Isn’t it exciting and scary to wonder what a new year will bring…we all have plans forming on how we expect the new year will go, we all have ideas on where we would like to be in a years time.  Whether we will fulfil those expectations only time will tell.

I went away on a family break for a few days over the Christmas break and I must admit it was lovely to clear the mind for a couple of days.  We travelled west in terrible snow, of all things, but as the miles clocked up the snow became a lovely image in the rearview mirror.  During our stay in Kenmare we drove around the ring of Kerry, up high on cliff roads meandering dangerous bends and stopping at various spots along the way.  We drank coffees, ate at patisseries and drank beers  – probably stuffing ourselves with as much enjoyable foods and beverages as possible before the misery of ‘Detox January’ kicked in.  We played cards at night and had actual conversations (face to face not via phone) and enjoyed the easy going pace that one experiences when away from home.  Although the weather was pretty miserable, we all commented on what a lovely place it would be to come back to during the summer when the weather might be a bit better. And so that became one of my ‘resolutions’ – revisit this area during the summer.

We all like to think we will do better things, be better people and live better lives – especially at the beginning of a new year.  But if you are anything like me, most of these ‘resolutions’ go by the wayside by the end of a very long January.  And what was so wrong with the way we were the year before anyway? Did any of us do anything that was terrible, were we terrible people and did we live terrible lives?  I say no to all of the above! I say do the things you always do to the best of your ability, be the best person you can be and have always been, and live the best life you can.  I say accept who you are and always aim to be the best you can be, be consistent in what you do and say, in how you act and treat others – then a new year will not bring a new you, but you at your best!

I feel I have to address the misery of ‘Detox January’….New Years Eve brought with it the thoughts of ‘starting’ the detox/diet again. So when I woke up yesterday morning I had that feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach – water with lemon, fruit and vegetables, no chocolate, no bread and no diet coke…I’ll be brutally honest here, I thought feck it – I turned on the tv and searched for a Harry Potter movie, ate the last remaining chocolates, drank a load of coffee and stayed in my pjs until about 4 o’clock.  No detox for me on the 1st January 2018 and I thoroughly enjoyed New Years Day!  When I got up today, I didn’t feel the dread…I drank the lemon water, cooked a proper meal and actually got dressed at a more acceptable hour.  Maybe it’s always best to start on the 2nd January…



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