I didn’t make a New Years resolution as many of you know. Instead I decided it was time to move back upstairs, I had been sleeping downstairs since I broke my leg. I had been planning on moving back upstairs before Christmas but that didn’t happen. My son had moved into my room as the single bed from his room was moved downstairs for me.

I started packing all my stuff up on Sunday morning. I had bags of clothes, make-up, books, magazines – a huge amount of stuff, and that was only three months worth of stuff. I hauled everything upstairs and helped my son move back to his room. And then the big job was on…I decided it was time for a big clear out, so I bagged up all the clothes that I haven’t worn in the last 6 months. There were a lot of bags. I threw out all the rubbish and old magazines that I had accumulated over the last few years.

I brought everything to the clothes bank, the recycling centre and then there was only my bookcase left to tackle. I have one bookcase in my room jammed with all sorts of books, and another one downstairs also jammed with more books. The problem is when I started looking through the bookcase to see which books I could get rid of (donate to second hand bookshop) I found myself finding reasons why I couldn’t get rid of any of them. By the time I had finished sorting through the books and tidying up the shelves I hadn’t put one book into the open bag. In fact, I had been making a mental list of which books I would start reading again.

I went downstairs empty handed and started on the second bookcase. Once again I didn’t put one book into the bag. I was not making any progress. All my college books, novels and children’s books remained on the shelves – for another while anyway. Where I had succeeded in de-cluttering my wardrobe, I failed miserably on my bookshelves.

I have had books all my life, and there are three or four large boxes full of books in the attic. These boxes are books that I had as a little girl growing up and I still have them. I have all the books that my son read when he was small and I love looking through all these every now and again. I know some day I will have to send these much loved books off to another home, but for now I’ll hold on to them!

I don’t know if children read books very much any more, there are too many gadgets and screens available. I’m so glad that I grew up reading actual books and had to turn pages, I had to mark a page and let the story play out in my mind rather than on a screen. I’m so glad that my bookcases are jammed with books and that I can reread them whenever I want. I wish everyone a New Year and hope you keep reading, I’m heading back to the magical world of Harry Potter!


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