UQC (Unusual and Quirky Club)

I have been talking about joining the local historical society for a long time and this week I finally signed up. I thoroughly enjoyed the lecture and am looking forward to the next one. I’ve been searching all weekend for other clubs to join and may have found another one, I’m still researching it. Isn’t it a good thing too that I joined at least one club this week because while at mass this morning the priest mentioned something about being single in his sermon.

He was talking about how everyone can embrace Christ into our lives and how it didn’t matter whether people were married or single, we should all look after our souls and spirituality – something to that effect anyway. To be honest, I didn’t feel too well so my interest only spiked when I hear him mention married and single…I’m delighted to know that Jesus doesn’t discriminate against singletons.

What I did think of though, was I better start preparing myself for when my son moves away from home. He is quickly approaching adulthood, whether I like it or not, and I’m eventually going to have free time on my hands. He did inform me today, however, he’ll probably keep coming on holidays with me – he thinks we should plan a trip to America next year. He’ll be able to drive and can share the driving with me, we could head off for a month!! Life goals right there! I have a feeling I could be ditched fairly quickly if a better offer comes along – a two week sun holiday in Ibiza with the ‘boys’ could just do the trick. Either way, the clock is ticking and I’m under no illusions, this lovely time that I have with my son will change when he no longer needs me as his chauffer, babysitter or housekeeper. So my aim is to find at least one more club to join – in preparation of being made redundant!

It’s hard to think about interests and what sort of clubs might be worth joining. I have a degree in History and English, so joining the historical society was a no brainer really. I wouldn’t have any interest in joining a sports club even though I love going to matches, the only sport I have any interest in playing is golf. I have decided that the summer is the best time to take this up.

I’m looking for something unusual and quirky to join – a little bit like myself I suppose…I have been in a book club, but discussing the Great Gatsby no longer interests me. I’m in a slimming group and that is great for dealing with weight issues, but this group is a very personal journey and not one that needs critiquing by others. And so, my search continues…..an unusual and quirky club – maybe I’ll have to set it up myself 🙂


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