My First Walk

I went for my first walk today since breaking my ankle. Myself and my cousin decided to meet up after work and go for a short walk.   I was apprehensive about walking as I didn’t know how my ankle would hold up not to mention the fact that I haven’t walked since last August so I wasn’t sure about how the rest of my body would take it. I needn’t have worried, my cousin walked at my pace with me and twenty minutes later we were back at our starting point. We were surprised by how quickly we made it around and talked about upping the tempo over the next few walks.

Despite my reservations regarding my leg and the weather – it rained steadily on us throughout, as well as the gale and bitter cold – I had forgotten how refreshing it is to get out for some fresh air, clear the head and move…It is only now as I sit here warming up with a cup of hot coffee that I realise how much I have really missed going for a walk. It never bothered me if I had to go on my own, I have had many enjoyable walks up the woods just me and my dog. I do like the company too as the time flies as the walk becomes more about chatting than actual walking.

I told a couple of friends last week how I used to walk up the woods with my dog all the time. I told them about a couple of scares I got but was still determined to walk my route and was confident that my hound would protect me (same hound was afraid of his own shadow). They were alarmed that I wouldn’t change the route or that I wasn’t put off from walking in that area. I usually only went up the woods during the summer time when the evenings were brighter. I was taking photographs one night to show someone the trail I walked and while taking the photographs I noticed two men across a bridge from me sitting at a picnic area. They were looking straight at the camera.

My friendly dog (traitor) had run across the bridge to where they were sitting and drinking their beer, so I gave one call to him and took off. I ran the whole way back to my car, which was about a kilometer away, and never looked behind me once. The dog caught up with me and was delighted with the change of speed, I’m sure he thought I was gone mad. When we got to the car I jumped in after the dog and locked the doors. I really thought I’d never get back to the car and how I didn’t collapse from the running, I’ll never know! Those lads didn’t do anything, didn’t follow me or indicate in any way that they would have harmed me or my dog but I had decided in a split second that I was getting out of there immediately. Two days later, I was back up there walking again albeit earlier in the evening and was a little bit more aware of my surroundings…

On this dark and miserable evening, I am here contemplating when I can go up to the woods again…Probably not for another six weeks or so, the evenings are still too short to go up there before then. It is a beautiful place, peaceful and with wonderful views, it is ideal for walking/hiking and clearing the head after a busy day. I do wonder how I will fair out going on my own, no dog at my side. It will be a very different experience I’m sure but one I’m willing to try. Until then I will continue my town walk after work with my cousin and will enjoy the chats along the way.


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