A friend of mine, living abroad, and I were emailing this evening.   I was running this blog by her and asking her what her thoughts were…..Marriage….No, I didn’t propose to her, but I was wondering about why there is no value in marriage any more. That it seems so easy to just walk away from a marriage after so many years, just because one person is bored or has gotten sick of the arrangement. Then there are the people who go one step further and have one affair after another, with little or no consequence even if the partner finds out about it. They stay together and are completely unhappy.

Is there any point to marriage nowadays? There are generations of people gone before us that stayed in marriages, happy or unhappy, leaving was not an option. And if one did leave the marriage, they usually left the parish, county or even country. I’m not saying that anyone should be stuck in an unhappy marriage but does anyone try anymore to work things out, or communicate to each other what is making them unhappy? What happened to good old-fashioned marriage?

And while I’m on the subject, what happened to good old-fashioned dating? And what happened to good old-fashioned nice guys? Not ones who put profiles on dating sites declaring that they are married and are only there to meet a ‘hook-up’ – well gee thanks for being honest but are you for real?? And before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, I’m sure there are plenty of married women doing the same thing. The world is gone stark, raving crazy!!

Incoming message from my friend wondering will we ever find men? It’s looking bleak here for me, this town is not all castles and fairytales….I was sure she would have better luck in a different country, but apparently men all over the world have decided that they don’t want to meet the ‘one’, but ‘multiples’ – don’t even contemplate trying to tie one down because the word is out…there is more than ‘one’ for everyone nowadays.

So maybe that’s a part of why good old-fashioned marriage hasn’t worked out for some of this generation. Is there too much choice available, and even if one is married are there options outside of it too? Is there such a rush for everyone to get married before a certain age that people end up with the wrong husbands/wives? It’s a real pity if that is the case!

And just when I’m getting very disheartened about the whole thing I get a message from another friend (male) who tells me that not all marriages end up badly – there are many very happy marriages, which is true. And then get this – “marriage has to grow with the couple as they change and their life goals mature to have any chance to work.” There is hope!! Must go and talk to this guy some more 😉


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