Out of the blue…

A peculiar situation arose a couple of months ago and again last week. A guy had been texting me and asked me out on a date. I was still in plaster so put it off.   After a few weeks of text messages, it kind of fizzled out and I guessed he had met someone else, someone who could probably walk better than me – lucky girl 🙂 I didn’t mind too much because I was trying to learn to walk again as well as get back into the routine of work and the daily driving around the country.

Last week, out of the blue, I received a text from said guy. I was quite surprised and wasn’t really sure whether to text back or not. My gut feeling was that he had broken up with whoever the other person was. After some deliberation I did text back and was straight to the point – “going through a break-up?” I didn’t get a definitive answer – my question was brushed aside. I was sure then, there was a break-up on the cards, but answered the few messages. Then nothing! As out of the blue the first message was, the silence was equally as surprising. I guessed they must have made up. Fine! Very peculiar, for someone to think that they can snap their fingers and someone else will be at their beck and call.

Yes, I answered the messages (with quite a lot of sarcasm) but seriously – are people for real!! It didn’t bother me so much as I found the situation incredibly peculiar. If I had a complex I would surely be in a less than jovial mood about it all, but I don’t know him well enough to be actually upset about the fact that I was being used as a – what? I’m not sure – a rebound, second best – as I’ve said I’m not sure…

Now I have been told that I can sometimes give the impression of being ‘cold’ and I must admit when it was pointed out, I could see what they meant. People who see me every day and who know me probably wouldn’t say this, but I do have a little habit of keeping certain people at arms length. If I don’t like a person or have just met someone recently I won’t be as open or personable – I think everyone is the same in this regard. My point is that this could have been a very upsetting experience for someone – thank goodness I’m not one bit upset (I have to point out at this stage I may have sociopathic tendencies 😉 )

So what gives people the right to think they can string other people along? I really don’t know the answer to this, but it seems to be a common occurrence. I either have a type that I don’t want to acknowledge, or, there are a lot of self assured, egotistical people around who believe they can do what they want without any regard for other people. So beware – if you get a message out of the blue from someone – think hard! What do they really want and why are they really contacting you!! Go with your gut – it’s usually right.


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