I have been going to therapy for years now. I have found the perfect therapist I am happy to say, someone I can trust one hundred per cent and have developed a wonderful friendship with over the years. The absolute bonus of seeing my therapist is that she also does my hair while I spew all my woes on her, time and time again….

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be able to chat incessantly to someone, a person that will not only keep your secrets but will also offer the best advice to practically any problem or situation in which you may find yourself. There is no judgment or disapproving comments, just honest to goodness concern and care.

I do know some people who hate going to their therapist/hairdresser, or people who like going to the hairdresser but do not want to engage in conversation whatsoever. As you can guess, I am certainly not one of these people. I love going to my therapist/hairdresser! We bounce ideas around about different situations such as life choices, children, holidays, shopping and of course love dilemmas.   I always feel like I have her full attention but I really feel lucky when it’s just the two of us in the salon and we don’t have to be ‘other-people-appropriate’. When I book my appointment I fully intend on spending as much of my day there as possible – I always tend to say I’m in no rush, take your time – whether she likes it or not 😉

I highly recommend my ‘therapist’ although I really don’t want to share her with anybody – I know that’s a tad selfish but come on – if I recommend her to everyone else you’ll all start booking appointments and seriously, I need her to keep me sane!! Everyone needs to have this type of person in their life, I do acknowledge this. So whether it’s your hairdresser, dentist or whoever, have someone in your life that you can talk to, be prepared to listen to in return, to accept advice and actually act on that advice.

Keep those sorts of friendships close because they are the ones that will last a lifetime and they are few and far between!


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