Post Botox…

It’s been two days since I had the Botox injections. I have to admit I was absolutely bricking it before I went in, I really was a nervous wreck. All the horror stories that I have ever heard or seen on t.v. were flashing through my mind at high speed, but I was in the waiting room at this stage so there really was no turning back.

And then before I knew it I was in the chair and it was definitely too late to turn back. I prepared myself for pain, torture, tears and blood…I closed my eyes and and waited. I waited and waited, and then he spoke “All done!” Simple as that…A few instructions on after care and I was putting on my sunglasses and hightailing it out to my car.

Don’t scrunch the eyes or forehead – it may dislodge the Botox from where it’s meant to be. Stay upright for at least four hours. Don’t rub or massage the area, pat it dry after washing. And that was it. I took pictures beforehand so that I can see the difference in a couple of weeks time.  He told me that I would see the full effects after a week or two, but I’ve been staring at myself in a mirror any chance I can get to see is there any difference.  I believe I have become incredibly vain over the last 48 hours, but I can’t help it!

Two days after the injections and I have seen a difference this evening – the vertical line that I’ve hated for so long has almost disappeared – joy!! The lines around my eyes are still there but are definitely not as bad as they were… I will post pictures next week when there is a remarkable difference/improvement 😉  What I will say about this experience is that I am so happy I did it, as I said before I’ll try anything once….to hell with growing old gracefully!! My face is ready for the summer holidays – I just have to work on the ‘beach body’ now… 🙂


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