Now Departed…

What becomes of the broken hearted who had love that’s now departed…What becomes of the broken hearted? I’ll tell you what becomes of the broken hearted….

Two cars drive into a petrol station from opposite sides and these two cars pull up to the pumps at opposite sides. The two drivers get out of their respective cars and take great care to stand with their backs to each other while filling the fuel, one pretending the other isn’t there and the other wishing they were anywhere but there! One goes inside to pay and pulls out of the station rather quickly, the other dawdles and takes their time about going inside to pay – anything that will avoid having to meet the other face on and be ignored while trying to ignore!

This is a complicated business for all involved, ignoring while being ignored…Two people who knew each other so well, who got on with each other and liked each other. I can only speak for one half of this now dysfunctional pair but I often wonder is it easier for the other person, how do they switch off or do they? Do they ever think about how things are now, uncomfortable and awkward as they are. Obviously, I do think about it, it’s hard not to when you see the person regularly going about their business all the while behaving as if you don’t exist. It’s a dreadful feeling knowing that someone is ignoring you, making you feel like you are not there at all. It’s even worse when someone you cared about and respected is doing it to you.

Someone told me that you should always acknowledge someone even if they are ignoring you, that they will cave in the end. I’m afraid I couldn’t take this advice! I’m a coward in this particular scenario in case you haven’t guessed, and so I am the other half of this now dysfunctional pair that avoids having to ignore while being ignored at all costs. It can prove difficult, at times, to pull this off but I’m getting better at it.

So what becomes of the broken hearted? They take a while to mend and at that a heart never mends fully.  They become more aware of situations to avoid, people to avoid and thoughts to avoid…Sometimes these tactics work and sometimes, on nights like tonight the thoughts creep in and take over for a little while. And then, life goes on….


2 thoughts on “Now Departed…

  1. Well said! Right now, I’m stuck in a similar situation where I’m sort of ignoring a person who behaves as though they couldn’t really care whether I were present or not. So I totally get this. I hope that you find a way out of this though, because believe me I hope the same for myself everyday….. Yet do nothing about it…. Such is life.

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    1. Thank you, too often we feel we are the only ones going through certain situations so it is comforting to know that I am not alone in most of life’s of luck to you too getting through this!

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