Lose – Gain

So I have been saying to myself since Christmas that I ‘must’ get my ass in gear and lose some weight….yes…back to this old conundrum! I must, I must, I must…and then I go completely bonkers and eat everything that I’m not meant to be eating. I have been using every excuse in the book: I’ll start next Monday – it never came, I’ll just have this Twix now and I won’t bother with dinner later – I had the Twix for lunch and then I had another one for dinner, I’ll just have a cappuccino – I have to use the coffee machine I bought, so cappuccinos and hot chocolates are on tap…I could go on here but you get the gist!

Now, I have been going to Slimming World every week and every week I breath a sigh of relief that yet again I got away with my week of cheating. I have being going through a total brain block about getting back on the ‘straight and narrow’. Today we got our Easter holidays and I said to myself last night after class that I will do better when I’m at home during the day and have time to prepare and sort out the food. What I really need is to give myself a good shake and get into the zone!!

I’m not too proud to admit that I need a good kick up the backside. I read about all the people who have lost massive amounts of weight, and I see people I know who have lost stones of weight – and yet here I am, writing about losing weight…God help me!! I feel that if those people can lose all that weight, sometimes in a really short time frame, then I should be able to too.

Those very people should inspire me and motivate me yet I can’t help but feel incredibly jealous and even resentful that they did it, they succeeded and they look amazing! I know I should feel happy for them and delighted that they have had such success, that they worked hard to lose the weight and are now reaping the benefits – I don’t and I feel terrible for it.

So instead of me waiting until Monday again (I’m writing this today – Friday), I’ve started planning out my meals for tomorrow and will hopefully wake up in the zone tomorrow morning. Anyone who has ever had a weight issue and is feeling the same way as I do at the moment, know that you’re not alone! Lets try to stay some bit positive and real about the situation, we have good days and bad days (my bad days can last for weeks/months at a time), we are who we are and weight won’t change the person on the inside. I do think though it is far easier to be positive when my clothes aren’t that bit tighter than usual or if I feel good about how I look.

So my week will start on a Saturday and if I lose a couple of pounds in the meantime you will all read about it…if I don’t I’ll probably fill you in on that too. If by chance anyone has taken inspiration from me today then I wish you success with your weight loss journey. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Lose – Gain

    1. Oh I know Elaine, I had a cappuccino after lunch (caesar salad with the dressing), gonna get up early and do a big shop in the morning…I hope…We will def have to motivate each other after Easter – no excuses this time lol

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