Until we meet again

It was a great party, the craic was mighty and the atmosphere was buzzing. She stood at the bar trying to catch the barman’s eye so she could order a round of drinks. She was concentrating so hard on the task at hand, she didn’t notice the people squeezing in around her least of all the person to her right who happened to be easily the most handsome guy to have come into the pub all night.

Finally, she got the barman to take her order and as she was considering the logistics of carrying six drinks through the crowd back to her table she saw the guy standing right beside her. She couldn’t help but stare at him a little, and in a split second she decided the best option would be to bring three drinks down to the table and return for the rest. This would provide an opportunity to take another look at this man. She returned for the rest of the drinks and he smiled at her. She smiled back and he introduced himself, she reciprocated and they got talking.

He was from the area and the pub was his local. She explained she was just there for the party and was a blow in for the night. They talked and talked, he bought her a few drinks and wouldn’t hear of it when she tried to buy him a few back. They danced and then they talked some more. And before she knew it, the pub was significantly quieter and people were leaving. The barman flicked the lights a few times to let the last few stragglers know that it was closing time.

Her friends told her their taxi would be picking them up in about five minutes. Her heart sunk, she didn’t want the night to be over but time was up and she had to go.   She got her coat and said goodbye to him. She went out the backdoor and saw that the taxi wasn’t there yet. She sat down on the windowsill and thought about the night. She heard the door opening and someone came out, it was him! He had come out to see if she was still there. He kissed her goodnight and walked her to the taxi.

She felt like part of a movie scene, things like this never happened to her. She was walking on air. Excited chatter filled the taxi as her friends demanded to know everything they had talked about and if they were going to meet again. She didn’t think so, he hadn’t taken her number and she didn’t have his. A slither of regret went through her that she hadn’t thought to ask for his or give her own, but at least she wouldn’t be wondering for days if or when he might call her. She didn’t expect to see him again, but hoped that maybe someday their paths might cross again…


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