A song just came on the radio and it has taken me right back to a moment in time where that particular song was playing in the background.  2012 was the year, I think around October or November – in the passenger seat of my car while someone else was driving.  And we both belted out this tune!  I can’t remember where we were going, but I do remember the feeling of happiness and excitement, the feeling of being free – to sing on the top of my lungs and have someone there beside me who did the same.  I think the fact that I had a partner in crime singing along with me delighted me more than the song itself.

Isn’t it just amazing that one song can transport you back to an exact moment in time, that all those feelings come rushing back – feelings more than memories of the event.  I find myself singing along now to that song, with the same eagerness and shamelessness (a crow would do a better job than me at this time of the night).

As I’m listening to the words now, I have to admit that it’s kind of a depressing song…the song couldn’t have given me the feelings of happiness that I now associate with it.  I remember being utterly surprised when the driver started to sing along and actually knew the words – it blindsided me in one sense.  Looking back though, I think it was just a song that had been played constantly on the radio, that even if you didn’t like it you couldn’t but know the words. So of course my driver knew the words.  It was a pretty random experience though.

I have to admit I love moments like this, when I hear a song or see something which ultimately brings back a memory.  A smell that reminds me of someone, the way the sky looks (which is always grey here) or a phrase that someone might use – it allows that memory/moment to surface from a distant time and become as clear as when it actually happened.

This doesn’t happen too often so when it does, I have to stop and think and apparently now I have to write about it 😉  If it happens to you, take a minute and remember the feelings, the moment! It’s good for the soul!!

This is the song:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpQFFLBMEPI


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