I see you ;-)

So I had a night out last weekend.  I haven’t been out in a very long time and this was an impromptu night out, which as you all know end up being the best nights out.  All was going great, we got talking to some lovely guys who we knew from the area – nothing untoward about that.  And then the phones came out!  Now as many of you know I deleted my Facebook account over a week or so ago, I also deleted Snapchat and the three dating apps that I was humming and hawing over.  Yes, all gone in a blink of an eye.

I did not, however, delete my Instagram or Twitter, for the love of God I need to have some connection to the outside world. Plus I still love taking photos! Anyway, we took pictures and posted them, looking gorgeous of course! Now what I love about Instagram is that you can see who is looking at your pictures, it’s a bit of an ego boost when you see who and how many actually look.  Anyway not to be satisfied with that, and with some encouragement from my partner in crime I ended up messaging someone who had looked at my pictures.

Advise: never ever message/text a person you are or were interested in while on a night out!  It never ends well!  The following occurs: a) no reply and you feel terrible or b) they do reply and you still feel terrible. And then you forget about it until the next day and when you do remember your foolish act – the embarrassment and shame makes you hide under your duvet for the day.

I am planning another night out soon, an experimental night out with an absolute ban on phone use.  There are other aspects to this plan, which I will explain in full once it has been executed.  Remember the advise above people!! Looking forward to filling you all in on the next night out. 🙂



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