I’m delighted to accept the Liebster Award Nomination from https://digitalbookmedia.wordpress.com through my blog on “Orator-sur-Glane”.  Many thanks to digitalbook12 for the nomination which I know will encourage me to keep up my writing and to keep reading many more blogs……

https://digitialbookmedia.wordpress.com writes about mental health, the power of music on one’s emotions and has a very interesting and honest take on these issues.  I really enjoy his blogs as everybody can relate to them and never feel alone again after reading. I would highly recommend reading his blogs!!

What makes me passionate about blogging…

I love to write, I always have.  But like so many people, I found it difficult to write and then to let anyone read my work.  Since I started this blog a few months ago, I have gotten such amazing support from not only family/friends but from fellow-bloggers.  It’s such a wonderful buzz to see notifications of likes/comments from other people, strangers – who don’t have to read my work but actually want to, this is what makes me want to write more. I have read back on some of my blogs today in light of this nomination, and I really can’t believe at times that I wrote some of those pieces or that people have actually read them and liked them.  I have lots left to write about and I can’t wait to get my work out there for people to read, to make them smile/laugh or even if it is just to let people know that they are not alone – we all have the same issues no matter where we are in the world.

10 Random Facts about me..

  1. I have gingery/red hair and blue eyes – apparently a rare enough combination
  2. I hate cheese, but love cheese burgers
  3. I have 6 screws and a metal plate in my right ankle
  4. I go to France every year for a week
  5. I love listening to audiobooks
  6. My favourite song today is ‘Give me a minute’ by The Coronas
  7. My favourite book of all time has to be ‘Pride and Prejudice’
  8. I have a degree in English, History and Politics
  9. I love going for coffee/cappuccinos with my friends
  10. I’m still researching the dating scene 😉

I would like to nominate the following:











The rules:



Thanks everyone!!


23 thoughts on “Liebster Award Nomination

      1. Read about women too, it was my first blog ever written.Headline is “Theme by Theme,Subject By Subject”.It is on the bottom of the blog 🙂 .Thanks i will read all of yours when i get some spare time, ok 😉 .


      2. When i started to write last year on WordPress, in the beginning i didn’t knew what to write about.Then something clicked in my mind and started about people and their behaviour.I like very much psychology and everything about it 🙂 .


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