Wind howling and rain pelting, we took off in the car and headed for the hills.  Up past Thurles and along the road to Upperchurch, in the most romantic setting (even in the rain and wind) sits a pub dressed as a farmhouse.  Jim of the Mills is a place that I’ve been to many times over the last few years, a warm and welcoming pub that needs no signage, for if you find it once you will find it again and again.

My friend is home from England for a couple of weeks and we are on a mission… We have decided as two singletons that the time has come to actively go and find men!  Well that is the plan anyway 😀 She had never been to Jim of the Mills but had heard all about it, so we decided we would go and see what the night might bring.


IMG_3610Music can be heard before you ever step foot inside this magical place and there are many smiling and friendly faces to greet anyone who comes in the door.  We ordered our drinks and took our place in the ‘parlour’ to listen to the music and warm ourselves near the open fire.  As usual there was musical talent in abundance and not a word was whispered during the music and songs.  It’s a special experience, young and old with an appreciation for traditional Irish music, song and verse – an atmosphere that I have yet to experience elsewhere! Drinks almost finished, I decided it was time to do a bit of research and we went back to the bar to have a chat with Jim’s daughter.

It was early yet, the ‘crowd’ hadn’t arrived so it was a great time to speak to her.  We explained our ‘masterplan’ to her, and her face lit up.  She told us that lots of people had met their other halves in Jim of the Mills over the years and then she told us about the ‘proposal’.  Not so long ago, a guy had come to visit her father to ask could he propose to his girlfriend in the pub.  Our hearts lifted, she was adamant that their pub was the place to be if you’re looking for love.  However, she did acknowledge that the bad weather mightn’t draw in the crowd this week.  And in the background, a girl’s haunting voice was singing “Falling Slowly” by Glen Hansard – we were convinced!! This was the place to be.

IMG_5225                IMG_5224

Back into the fire we went, to sip our drinks and contemplate what had been said.  We decided that the summer time would definitely see us back there to execute our great plan.  Love of Irish music and song would be enough to bring me back to Jim of the Mills, never mind just ‘love’!  And we left this wonderfully unique, family run and most sincere place (with hope in our hearts and plans in our heads) which deserves all the accolades it has been afforded and more – a most enjoyable experience, hopefully to be repeated time and time again!


This is the song that I mentioned above!  Thank you to Jim of the Mills for their kind permission to take and use photographs. *Feature picture was taken last August…


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