Lose – Gain

So I have been saying to myself since Christmas that I ‘must’ get my ass in gear and lose some weight….yes…back to this old conundrum! I must, I must, I must…and then I go completely bonkers and eat everything that I’m not meant to be eating. I have been using every excuse in the book:…Read more »

Wa, Wa, Wa

I went for lunch yesterday and was really enjoying it, until a child started whinging across from me.  It was then I noticed that our table was surrounded by ill-behaved and crying children.  There were four tables around ours and at every single table there was a baby or toddler, all of whom seem determined…Read more »

Now Departed…

What becomes of the broken hearted who had love that’s now departed…What becomes of the broken hearted? I’ll tell you what becomes of the broken hearted…. Two cars drive into a petrol station from opposite sides and these two cars pull up to the pumps at opposite sides. The two drivers get out of their…Read more »